Additional Installation Notes


additional-notes-thumbnail1. Use original snap ring to retain bearing. If original snap ring is damaged or lost, a new replacement snap ring may need to be clearanced.
2. Fitment with aftermarket sway bars must be verified with the car on the ground with the suspension fully loaded. A minimum of a 1/4″ of clearance must be observed at all times around the oil line…

How does it work?



The IMS Solution replaces the problematic single row ball bearing found in model year 2000 through 2005 engines and dual row found in 1997-2001 model year engines with a plain bearing designed to last the lifetime of your engine. Simply put, The IMS Solution by design works like the rod and main bearings in your engine…

What’s included?


The IMS Solution Kit includes:

  • IMS Solution plain bearing
  • IMS Solution flange with seals and o-rings…

Filtration and Oiling


The IMS Solution employs an oil fed plain bearing, requiring clean, pressurized oil to ensure proper operation.Through extensive testing, it was determined the best location to supply pressurized oil was from the discharge side of the oil filter. Other locations either suffered from lower oil pressure or large fluctuations in pressure, resulting in improper operation of lifters or variable cam timing…

Will it fit?


The Single Row IMS Solution fits model year 2000 through 2005 engines with the single row bearing IMS. The Dual Row IMS Solution fits model year 1997 through 2001 engines originally equipped with dual row bearing IMS…