Yes, but as the IMS Solution is dependent on pressurized oil for lubrication, we cannot warranty these installations due to the known fact that the M96/M97 engine experience oil starvation when subjected to G-forces during these driving conditions.

They did!! They just didn’t apply it to the less expensive M96/ M97 powered vehicles that were equipped with problematic ball bearings. All Mezger flat six air-cooled engines utilized the same technology as the IMS Solution to provide support for their “intermediate shaft” and this technology was retained in the design of the GT3, Turbo & GT2 engines.

The IMS Solution prevents IMS bearing failure by removing the component that breaks and leads to loss of valve timing control and the source of foreign object debris! The factory single row sealed ball bearing is comprised of an inner and outer race, bearing cage and 8 “balls” equating to a total of eleven wear components. When IMS Bearing failure occurs its not the primary failure that kills the engine, its the collateral damage from all these wear components shedding harmful debris within the engine. This foreign object debris commences to destroy every internally lubricated component within the engine; leading to complete engine loss. In some cases the debris from these failures damages so many components that an engine “rebuild” cannot be carried out without extensive parts replacement. The IMS Solution replaces eleven wear components with a single pair.

The IMS Solution is based on the same pressure fed oil journal bearing technology that was first utilized first by Porsche with the 547/1 engine (circa 1955!) with a “layshaft” or an “Intermediate shaft” to drive the cams like in the M96/M97 engine. Put simply, this technology works the same as the main and connecting rod journal bearings within any internal combustion engine

No, unfortunately engine numbers are a very poor method of determining IMS Solution or even IMS Retrofit bearing compatibility. All MY 2000/2001 and 2005 engines require visual inspection to ensure compatibility. This requires trans-axle removal to facilitate the visual inspection of the IMS flange.

Check our other website, IMS Retrofit for pictures and explanations of each bearing/flange.

If your engine was replaced from 2000-late 2004 it likely uses a single row IMS bearing, even if the car was a 1997-early 2000 model originally equipped with a dual row IMS bearing. This is because the manufacturer used the current technology available instead of original equipment when remanufacturing engines. If your engine was replaced after mid 2005 you will have the M97 style bearing that is not serviceable, even if your car was built from 2000-early 2005 or even earlier.

M96 powered Boxster and 996 Porsche 911 automobiles from late 2000 through early 2005 with the single row bearings can be fitted with IMS Solution for Single Row IMS [106-08.20]

Model Year 1997-2001 Boxster and 996 Porsche 911 automobiles with the Dual Row IMS bearing can be fitted with the IMS Solution for Dual Row IMS [106-08.40]

Model Year 2006-2008 Boxster, Cayman and 997 911 Automobiles can be fitted with the adapter bushing [106-08.30.B] along with the Single Row Solution [106-08.20] Note: Engine dis-assembly required for installation of Bushing.

The technology behind the IMS Solution was invented by Jake Raby and Charles Navarro, years before the standard ceramic composite hybrid ball bearing retrofit was released. Several years were required to develop and thoroughly test the performance of the IMS Solution in all operating conditions. The IMS Solution and its oil fed plain bearing is designed to last the life of the engine, just like the other journal (plain) bearings within the engine. Put simply, the IMS Solution was developed to create the ultimate solution to IMS bearing issues without resorting to ball or roller bearing that require future servicing.

The IMS Solution is sold for professional installation by SSF, Worldpac, and IMC for distribution in North America.

In Europe  the IMS Solution is distributed by Custom Concepts based in Breda, The Netherlands.  Custom Concepts can be contacted by calling +31 (0)6 2275 6519 or by visiting

In Australia and New Zealand, the IMS Solution is distributed by BWA Auto. BWA Auto can be contacted by calling 1300 BWAAUTO or by visiting

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